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Born from the contraction of NATURE ET ALIMENTS (Food in French), Natali®first appeared in the 60s, when Stéphane and Bruno JOST began to question the nutritional quality and marketing of food products.


Registered on March 30 1978 by Bruno JOST (3rd generation), Natali® marks the start of the company's organic adventure and commitment.


The first products produced under this brand name were fresh and then sterilized vegetable pâtés. The company's expertise in the formulation and packaging of powders has enabled it to develop a range of organic powder preparations.

These include BioFlan®, culinary aids with agar-agar, and PotaBio® instant soups. Today, there are no fewer than 110 products in all ranges.


For 45 years, Nat'Ali has been inventing organic products that are quick and delicious to prepare yourself.

Today, Nat'Ali has 113 products in 3 ranges:

  • Dessert mixes : BioFlan®, BioCreme Dessert

  • Savoury preparations: instant soups PotaBio®,  BioPurée®, Mix du Monde

  • Culinary aids​ : yoghurt ferments, flavourings, agar agar, vanilla sugar, baking powder...


NAT-ALI has become a must-have brand in French organic stores. The brand's products have filled store shelves, and some of them have accompanied generations of organic consumers, such as gluten-free baking powder, agar agar or vanilla sugar, BioFlan® or PotaBio®.

Natali® is also a brand with meaning: solidarity and difference but you can read about that in our "Mission-driven company" section.

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