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Since its creation, Nature et Aliments has always been involved in many social actions, in order to support the poorest.



of Bioflan®

Did you know ?

You don't buy Bioflan® by chance!


For more than 17 years, 1% of Bioflan sales® is donated each year to the Nantes association INTI SOLIDARITY ENERGIES campaigning for solar cooking in the Andes, Africa and France to promote access to domestic energy for the poorest local populations, while raising awareness about the deforestation of natural environments.

Our support for all these years represents:


7900 tons

of CO² not released



of donations collected

1400 solar cookers
already distributed


4300 tons

unburned wood

7000 beneficiaries

50% energy savings on fuel budget

other actions

Each year, Nature et Aliments® prospers the will of the Jost family by getting involved and supporting many local projects. Patronage, sponsorship, Nature et Aliments® accompanies local or national associations or even social events in favor of equality, the environment and many other causes whose fight we share.


on disability


For almost 40 years, we have been working with the ESAT "les Ateliers du Landas" in Rezé, an establishment and service for disabled workers.

At Nature et Aliments®, they were involved in the bag-filling process, which had not been fully mechanized. At the outset, the products were sent to the ESAT workshops and returned to us in their sealed state. Over time, and with the aim of including disabled workers in the company, a room was fitted out in our new factory to accommodate the ESAT team. 

Then in 2020, as the company evolved, we finally hired Purdey full time, who wanted to leave the ESAT to work in a mainstream environment. Since then, she's been an integral part of the company, helping to pack your products on a daily basis.

Who knows, maybe your next bag will pass through her hands...

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